Full Match Reports for Roses 2010

Every year Lancaster University and the University of York go head to head, foot to foot, stick to stick and any other limbs or extended body parts you can think of, in a sporting re-enactment of the Middle Ages’ War of the Roses.

This year the event was held at Lancaster and I was part of the team providing coverage for the university newspaper, SCAN.

Here is a link to the SCAN site; more specifically to my page on the site that has all my reports. ¬†Please take a look and relive those triumphant moments if you took part, or if you’re unfortunate not to have been there take the opportunity to experience but a snapshot of an incredible weekend of sport.


The events covered by myself include:

Friday: Indoor Football- Men’s 3rds and Women’s 2nds; Ultimate Frisbee (Open)

Saturday: Mixed Volleyball; Men’s 1st & 2nds and Women’s Squash; Men’s Volleyball

Sunday: Women’s Volleyball; Men & Women’s Basketball

The reports will be in a special Roses 2010 pull out in this week’s SCAN (out Friday, I think!), so be sure to grab a copy and relive the Red Rose’s first victory in four years. ¬†Well done to all the teams involved for bringing the trophy home.

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