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I’ve recently started writing for a football website ‘Football-Talk’:

The website focuses on the ‘top 4’ clubs of the Premier League.  Thanks to a certain Senor Benitez it shouldn’t be long before that number becomes 3.

Each writer covers a specific area.  There are club writers and general news writers.

I’m hoping the titles pretty much explain themselves, but I’ll explain my role a little more.

As a club writer for Chelsea, I’m responsible for covering the clubs fixtures writing both match previews and reports.

Previews are generally available up to a day or two before the covered match, and reports will be up on the site within 24 hours of the full time whistle.

I’ve already had a few articles go up so please if your interested in Chelsea, the Prem., or if you appreciate high quality reporting 😛 then please take a look on the website and enjoy.

The website encourages debate between fans and asks visitors to leave comments at the bottom of the article page.  Feel free to have your say and voice your opinion on the articles, whether you agree with my views or not!

I’ll be posting links to the articles as they are put up, along with a little bit about what the article entails.  To start us off, here’s my very first submission to the website, a match preview for Chelsea’s 5-1 hammering of Portsmouth last week.Enjoy away at all your pleasures…

Article looks at the importance of Petr Cech to Chelsea after their Champions League exit to Inter Milan.

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