The Week in Tweet: Ross tells the Geordie’s to shush, Geri admits to magic and Tolis is off to Blackpool

Football has long been a game of the people and since the advent of Twitter fans have never been closer to their footballing idols. Take a look at the Week in Tweet below for a round up of what Everton’s stars have been saying on Twitter


Ross Barkley

One of the most talked about stars in the Twitter-sphere has been young Ross after a quite sensational goal against the Geordies. Ross may have told the Newcastle fans to pipe down in Everton’s excellent 3-0 win on Tuesday, but there is no point trying to keep his talents secret any longer. Here’s Ross basking in the majesty of his left-footer:

The 20 year-old’s performances have been gradually improving week-on-week since his return from a brief period on the sidelines in the New Year, and there is little doubt in the minds of Evertonians that the midfielder will be representing his country in Brazil this summer.

Those thoughts have been echoed by plenty in the national media who have started the inevitable ‘Who’s better: Barkley or Wilshere?’ debate. Have a look at his stunning solo goal below. Do you really need to ask?

Vine courtesy of @EvertonVines 


Shortly after the game one of Everton’s more recent legends tweeted our number 20 to praise him for his performance and goal. I know what you’re thinking, and yes there does appear to be a bit of overkill on the use of ‘my man’. But it’s great to know that the Blue Kangaroo is still a Toffee at heart and as long as Barkley continues to score goals that make Argentinian defenders fall over, they can talk how they like!

One last tweet from @RBarkley20’s feed. The young Blue has drawn comparison from many people to the last major talent to come out of the Everton academy, Wayne Rooney. Ross tweeted the ex-Blue after his improvised goal from just inside his own half against West Ham:

Now, if you can kindly repay the favour please Wayne. You will, after all, be passing the ball to this lad a lot more often in the future playing for England. Better get the compliments in before he never passes to you again.


Gerard Deulofeu

If the twinkly-toed Geri isn’t the sole subject of a teenage-fit inducing selfie, then he’s usually well placed in the background of a photo, pulling off the coolest Cockney-walk you’ll ever see.

He posted this gem of Ross opening the scoring against the Magpies. The winger more than played his part in bringing three points back to L4. He released Barkley just outside his own area for his worldie, took a beautiful first touch and used his next touch to put the second goal on a plate for Lukaku and he had the patience in the closing minutes to turn back and find big Rom before Osman completed the scoring.

In addition, his contribution throughout was excellent and looked more like the top-class player the Spaniard is bound to become. Well done Geri. You really are magic and it looks like ‘you knooooooow’…


Romelu Lukaku

The Belgian started Tuesday morning by wishing his followers a ‘wonderful and blessed day’. Well it looks like your prayers paid off Rom, as the Blues went on to thrash Newcastle in their own back yard, with the big man himself netting the second.

If his post-game tweet ended up sounding like rap lyrics, it can be forgiven. It certainly was a great team performance but ‘The Beast’ is one of the stand-out performers in this late season surge for European qualification. Whether that qualification sees us playing in the Champions League or the more maligned Europa version, may just depend on how many Rom can net between now and the end of the season.

Lukaku was pleased enough with the performance that he felt the compulsion to re-tweet Belgian journalist Bart Lagae’s post of the back of The S*n which featured the striker and his adopted club’s attempts to overhaul Arsenal for the last Champions League spot. Not without a few Scousers reminding him not to bother associating himself with that particular publication. I think we can let him off.


Darron Gibson

We don’t see Darron tweeting very often. Then again we don’t see Darron very often at all, especially at Goodison Park. But it hasn’t stopped the sidelined Irishman telling his followers just how great Everton are at the moment.

The midfielder seems to have got it spot on after the game. While there was every reason for Evertonians to get excited, enough for some to get carried away even, Gibson’s focus on the three points and the need to simply concentrate on the next three should be shared by the other players. Yes it’s a bit of a boring footballing cliche to ‘only look at the next game’ but if Everton are to achieve something special in Roberto’s first season in charge, this is the mentality they’ll need to achieve it.

Apostolos Vellios

The Greek was only sparingly used under the David Moyes regime and chances have been even harder to come by under Roberto Martinez. The Catalan has openly stated his willingness to use young, inexperienced players in the first team so long as they’re ready. Considering the way Barkley, Deulofeu and Lukaku have flourished this season, the only conclusion regarding the social-media loving striker is that Martinez doesn’t feel he is ready.

We all remember this tweet from 15th February this year:

We’d all been wondering why Tolis wasn’t getting much of a sniff, especially when Lukaku was taken out by Gareth Barry on that forgettable night in January. Well the day after Valentine’s Day is as good as any to come out and explain why you’ve not been getting any…(game time…on the pitch).

But on Thursday the young Greek revealed to the world (well, his couple of thousand followers, made up of Evertonians and Grecian football fanatics) that he would be heading north to the bright lights of Blackpool for the remainder of the season.

As Russell quite rightly points out in reply to his tweet, it’s not like Vegas but there’s certainly no gamble involved in having him spend the remaining two months playing Championship football. It certainly did Seamus Coleman no harm.

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